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Referral Process

Do you need support in managing your patients' mental health concerns? Let us help you.

We work in partnership with General Practitioners and key service providers to treat people suffering with a comprehensive range of mental health concerns.

Admissions to Mackay Private Mental Health Unit will be under the care of one of our treating Psychiatrists.

For assistance with managing your patients’ mental health concerns, please consider the following:- Note: If your patient is in acute crisis or actively suicidal, please contact your local Emergency Department

  1. Does your patient need a specialist mental health admission and is not in acute crisis or actively suicidal?
  2. Does your patient have Private Health Insurance, DVA Status, WorkCover or the ability to self-fund their admission? Note: Effective 1 April 2018, Australian Government changes to private health insurance coverage for mental health services will take effect.

If yes, please call 07 4942 3848 to discuss admission suitability with our Admissions and Assessment Team.

We will confirm the outcome of your patient’s eligibility check and any applicable out-of-pocket expenses.

Our admission team will confirm admission arrangements in consultation with the patient and consultant psychiatrist.

Complete our GP/Specialist Referral Form or simply email a referral to [email protected].